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Tax Lawyer – If you’re dealing with tax issues, you probably have a lot of questions about what to do to resolve them. Because tax issues can be complex, they often require professional guidance. Seeking the right professional advice is essential to solving your tax problems, whether it is tax claims or audits, tax planning or handling tax debts.

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Tax Lawyer

Tax Lawyer

Determining whether you need a tax attorney or an accountant will depend on the type of help you need. Of course, there is no obstacle to communicating with both a tax lawyer and an accountant. Below, we’ve compiled common tax issues that people face, and whether you’re better served by a tax attorney or a tax attorney.

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Tailored and personal tax planning: Lawyers and tax accountants are useful when you need business advice. For example, if you need tax planning strategies, an accountant and tax attorney will help in this area.

Tax Claims: However, if you are dealing with tax proceedings and appeals, the best professional is to consult a tax attorney. A tax attorney can resolve liability issues. An accountant will not be able to deal with the legal complexity of tax legislation and other related issues.

Tax preparation assistance: If you need simple tax preparation assistance or a tax strategy for your new business, an accountant is for you. However, if you want to implement proactive tax strategies to avoid tax litigation in your business, a tax attorney will be a great asset. Because a tax attorney knows the legal complexities of tax, he can anticipate the possible tax consequences that may affect your business.

Tax claims and audits. If your tax matter is more complex and involves several parties or entities, it is better to consult a tax lawyer. For example, if you find yourself in a situation where you receive tax demands or audits against you or your business, you should contact a lawyer.

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Why Use An Irs Lawyer

Tax debt: If you are dealing with a tax debt, you should get guidance from an accountant and a tax attorney. An accountant can analyze your tax debt and help you avoid similar problems in the future. A tax attorney can help you determine what is the most appropriate solution for you. Attorney can assist you in drafting a settlement agreement or payments.

When you are dealing with tax matters, there is nothing more valuable than a tax professional with the knowledge of a lawyer and an accountant. At the Blue Law Group, Attorney Blue not only holds five university degrees, but one of them is a Master of Laws in Taxation. He is also a certified public accountant and is certified by the California State Bar Association as a tax specialist.

Adv. Blue is an aggressive attorney capable of handling even the most complex tax cases. His philosophy is relentless representation, which means he will do everything he can and can for his clients. Therefore, if you are dealing with tax matters, our experienced tax attorney has the financial and legal knowledge you need to handle any case. Over the past few years, there has been renewed debate in the larger legal community about the role of non-lawyers. As a tax attorney, I can only laugh. I have always competed against CPAs and other non-lawyer tax professionals. Prospective clients regularly ask me, “Why should I hire an attorney to solve my tax problems?” Why not let my accountant handle it?”

Tax Lawyer

The obvious difference between a tax attorney and a lawyer is that I can go to court to fight for my clients, but few cases go that far. What really gives me an edge is my training and education. The skills I have developed for aggressively representing my clients in court translate directly to aggressively representing the tax bureaucracy as well.

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Non-lawyers usually rely on tax law books. Tax lawyers also use these textbooks, but we often skip them and rely on the tax law itself. Unlike an accountant, we can read and interpret the Internal Revenue Code, IRS regulations and other sources of law. The IRS can ignore the number of laws, but they cannot ignore the laws and the ruling!

I apply my legal research to the nuances of my client’s tax situation and determine how the law applies to them. What non-lawyers might deride as “annoying” is identifying the risks and opportunities for successfully representing my client against the tax bureaucracy.

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Lawyers learn to diligently, professionally and intelligently protect the interests of their clients in court. We are not afraid to disagree or argue, to protect the rights and interests of our clients. The same diligence is equally important when dealing with the IRS and the tax bureaucracy.

During a trial, the lawyers must not only know, but also navigate the court proceedings with experience. Success depends on knowing the right moment to make the right argument to win the case. The tax bureaucrat has her own procedures and I apply my procedural training to choose the right time and place to make a winning argument for my client before we go to court.

How Can A Tax Attorney Help You Manage Your Money Better?

Lawyers receive extensive training in evidence law. An experienced lawyer knows how to prove the relevant fact to the court, who will not just take his word for it. The tax bureaucracy is equally exhausting. I use my training to uncover and present the best evidence to the government to prove that my clients are entitled to the tax benefits they are rightfully entitled to.

Lawyers are trained to use arguments of fact and law to persuade others to agree with them, and that includes the tax bureaucrat. I once stopped an audit of my client’s business to get out of business because I convinced the auditor that the law he was referring to did not apply to my client!

I respect other collectors; They have different skills than I do and they do certain things better than me. Of course, you don’t need to hire a lawyer to prepare a simple tax return. But if you’re undergoing an audit, owe taxes, or need passionate guidance and representation, you need my services.

Tax Lawyer

So, in what situations do you really need a tax attorney? You can handle some tax issues on your own, but if you find yourself in one of these scenarios, you should seriously consider my help.

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At the beginning of the audit, the IRS will conduct an initial interview and ask you a series of questions. Your answers to these questions will determine how the rest of the review will proceed. Half of the referrals to the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID) come from these initial interviews. If you hire an experienced attorney, you can be sure that your rights are protected during this important first interview and at every stage of your review thereafter.

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It goes without saying that if the IRS accuses you of income tax evasion or tax fraud, you should hire an attorney immediately. If you are facing criminal charges, your assets, livelihood and even your freedom may be at risk. Only a tax attorney is qualified to represent you in court and provide you with legal advice and recommendations.

When you work with an attorney, you are also protected by attorney-client privilege, which means that all information you discuss with your attorney will remain confidential. This is not the case with accountants, so the IRS can subpoena your accountant to testify against you!

A lawyer who focuses his work on tax matters knows exactly how to deal with the income tax and protect your rights. Typically, our clients never have to meet or speak with the IRS after we participate.

Tax Attorney Services: How You Can Benefit

A tax lawyer also knows how to get the lowest possible compensation. If you need to secure a payment agreement or offer in compromise (OIC), the process may require significant negotiations with the IRS. When you hire a tax attorney to help you through this process, you put their experience, legal knowledge, and negotiation skills on your side, and you put yourself in the best position to reach a favorable settlement.

The IRS often makes mistakes. In addition to the inevitable factor of human error, the IRS relies on antiquated computer systems that are highly error-prone.

So, when the IRS says you owe unpaid taxes and penalties, you shouldn’t just take their word for it. An experienced tax attorney can apply his knowledge of the tax code to save you thousands of unnecessary and inaccurate tax payments. CPAs and non-tax attorneys rarely have the same expertise, so it’s important to hire an experienced tax attorney when you’re dealing with a large tax liability.

Tax Lawyer

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